Filterunit end for 40 mm tube

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Put this in the end of the 40mm x 50cm hard plastic tube that is filled with activated carbon. A sieve inside keeps the carbon in place. Two filter papers should be placed beneath the plastic tubes. When the liquid runs through the tube it will continue through the filter paper and into a container. Filter papers can be used in both ends of the tube, this makes it possible to do filtration upwards with a siphon.

The Filterunit end has one small end that fits a 8 x 11 mm soft tube.

To fit the Filterunit to the 40 mm pipe please place the Filterunit in hot water for about 15 minutes. Or use a heat gun to heat up the Filterunit sides. The Filterunit can then be "screwed tight" to the 40 mm pipe.

Material: PP Plastic
Diameter: 40mm